A broken-down car on your property is an eyesore, and in some locations, it may also be a violation to leave it parked. If the car doesn't have value on the traditional auto buying market, it may still be valuable as a parts or junk car. A junk car buyer or removal service can help you get rid of the vehicle. Just make sure you are prepared properly for the entire process.

Get Everything in Writing

It's important that you have the removal agreement in writing before the hauling service arrives. If you are donating the car, make sure that there is documentation signed and provided that you will not be responsible for any cost incurred by the towing or disposal in the event the donation doesn't net a profit. They should also provide you with a value form for tax purposes. For private services that either pay you for the car or that you pay, make sure to have a signed final agreement on the cost and expectations for the entire removal process.

Prep Before the Haul

There are a couple of things you must do before the car is hauled off. First, remove anything from the vehicle that belongs to you, such as personal effects like toolboxes. Also, make sure there are no identifying documents in the glove box, such as insurance cards or old copies of the vehicle registration.

Transfer Ownership

How you do this depends on the state, but the key is that you don't want to be considered the legal owner once you have turned the vehicle over to the junk hauling service. In many areas, there is a form that you can get from your local motor vehicle department, either in person or online. You fill out this transfer of ownership form and turn it in immediately. You may also need to sign the title over to the junk hauling service prior to pick up.

Keep It Honest

If your car is being purchased by the junk service, then you should have an agreement about what will be present when the car is hauled away. Don't try to remove items that could be valuable, such as stereo systems or working engine parts, if these were included in the value quote you were provided. If you prefer to sell these separately from the junk car, then be honest with the buyer upfront so that the parts won't be included with your quote.

Contact a junk car removal service, such as Cash For Cars, if you need more assistance or have further questions.